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Shark Punch Raises $1.2M Seed Funding Led by London Venture Partners

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Shark Punch, which is focused on disrupting game discovery, has announced a $1.2 million seed funding led by London Venture Partners with participation from DN Capital, Reaktor Polte as well as private angel investors. The company is also launching their new game discovery platform:

Playfield is a social discovery and community platform for games. Playfield helps players find games, they care about, and allows developers to connect directly with their gamer communities. It uses proprietary algorithms to find new games that the community can vote on, comment on, and follow, with social- and interest-based personalized recommendations in the pipeline. The service’s open beta is currently available online, with mobile soon to follow.

”We started the company initially to develop a new game called The Masterplan, but after many discussions with other game developers, we realized that discovery is a massive problem for both developers and players. The question is rarely ‘is there a big enough audience’, but ‘how to reach the right audience’”, said Jiri Kupiainen, CEO, Shark Punch.

LVP is a seed fund which has invested in many other companies including Unity, PlayRaven, Omnidrone, Peak and Polystream.

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