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MTV to Launch New Apps for Music and Video

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MTV is soon to launch MTV Play and MTV Trax – new music apps for its users on the go.

MTV Play is a ‘video on demand’ service which would broadcast the channel’s most popular shows.  The launch date of this service has been declared as March 5th 2015 across Germany, Switzerland and Romania, offering the users  1,500 hours of MTV’s TV content along with a few previews.

The latter, which is called MTV Trax, is a music streaming service that needs to be subscribed. Its target audience is the casual music fans, who according to MTV, could be “put off by the higher price tariffs and complexity of ‘all you can eat’ streaming services.” This app will furnish daily-based contents like- top playlists, tracks of the moment etc., curated by MTV. Furthermore, Trax would also enable its users to listen to music offline.

Trax is set to be launched on March 3, 2015 in the UK, and is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows. Later this year, this app will be launched in New Zealand as well, partnered with, as MTV has stated, “a leading network operator”.

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