Moodify: A Mood Based Social Networking Channel


Image Source: Moodyfi Website

What is Moodify?

Founded in July 2014 by Suroor Wijdan, Moodify is a social networking medium that lets you connect with other users sharing identical moods, on real time bases across the globe. It serves media contents like videos, songs, pictures and quotes, considering the mood of the user.

The chat with other users could be kept anonymous unless you voluntarily want to reveal your identity to the person on the other end. People are added as ‘Moodify Connections’, once both sides reveal their identities. Users can also connect their Facebook accounts to Moodify to know their friends’ mood.

What problems is it solving?

It is reducing the communication barriers between strangers. A user can add content to ‘Favourites’ on Moodify to view later. Apart from providing mood-centric contents to the users, Moodify brings people with similar mood together.  Hence, people can vent out their hearts by talking to strangers while choosing to keep their identity private or undisclosed.

What are Moodify’s future plans and goals?

Moodify team is looking out for partnerships with some media channels  in and out of the country in order to develop new and more advanced features so as to render better experience to the users.

As per the statistics, presently, 72.5 % of users  have tried  the mood search, and around 17% have registered through Facebook.

The team says:

“With Moodify, we aim to change how people search for content online, bringing digital media content to users within the spectrum of their current mood. Also, we want to lower the communication barriers between strangers around the world by making a match between like moody people who are more likely to get together for a conversation.”

Although Moodify is a novel concept, its feasibility is restricted given to the fact that the user needs to visit the site to access it rather than having a quick access through an app.

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