GoTogether: A Startup Offering Ride-Sharing in India

ridesharingWhat is GoTogether?

GoTogether is a startup that connects car-owners to passengers for sharing rides, when travelling between cities. This app based convenient service aims to saves a user’s time and energy from waiting in long queues at bus stand and the trouble of unavailability of tickets especially during weekends or festivals.

The app’s services were launched in the second week of January 2015. It was founded by Shirish Gone, Uday Kumar and Hari Krishna. It is presently placed in Hyderabad but they also provide their services frequently in Bangalore.

What problems is it solving?

GoTogether’s concept of intercity ride saves a lot of money, energy and makes the travel convenient. Car owners get a friend for the journey and the fuel price also gets divided among the co-passengers. And it becomes convenient, comfortable for the co-passengers plus saves a lot of time.

Who is it competing with?

Its main competitors are BlaBlaCar and Tripda, who also offer similar intercity car pool service. BlaBlaCar and Tripda both are international carpooling services, which were recently launched in India.

Present Status and Future Plans

The company ran a pilot project for 2 months and acquired 1000 users, 200 shared rides, and 100+ vehicles got added into the system. The company is in talks with IBIBO group about sharing seats between Redbus and gotogether. Redbus serves to Tier1 cities and gotogether reaches out to Tier2/Tier3 cities as well.

“According to our research, around 1500 empty seats travel between each city every day. That’s roughly 40 buses running. By unlocking these empty seats, we are creating an alternate mode of transportation which is economical and environment friendly. We feel, we are building a social network by connecting people in the context of traveling together to same cities. So, we started by utilizing the existing social networks and leverage value over it. That’s our main USP too, designing the entire product as a social phenomenon.” says the team

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