Google Launches ‘Android for Work’ for Businesses

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Google has launched Android For Work platform for businesses to adopt Android and allows its users to bring their own devices to work. This platform allows employees to use both their personal apps and business apps on the same device while keeping both the business data secure and their personal data outside of the hands of their employers.

The four key technology components of Android for Work are:

1. Support for work profiles that isolates and protects personal and work data and give IT the ability to manages this.

2. An Android for Work app for older devices.

3. A Google Play for Work store.

4. A set of new productivity tools for business users.

The company is also making a set of more general email, calender, contacts, documents, and task management applications are available to Android for Work users. These new apps also include some basic editing capabilities for documents, spreadsheets and presentations, are fully integrated with enterprise platform like Microsoft Exchange and IBM Notes. The company worked with a large number of partners on this project include hardware and software companies like SAP, Cisco, Motorola, HP, Lenovo, HTC, Adobe, Salesforce, and Box etc.

Image Source: AndroidOfficialBlog

Image Source: AndroidOfficialBlog

These partners will be able to tap into Google’s APIs to create a simple way to manage all Android devices, new and old, from one dashboard and integrate their enterprise mobility management services with Android for Work. At the same time, Software vendors and developers will be able to create a single version of any Google Play app that can be securely deployed to any Android device without alterations or wrapping.

Android smartphone and tablet makers are a key part of this program, as they create devices and experiences that add additional value for customers. With the help of a wide range of management, application and device makers, it seems that Android for Work program provides businesses and workers with the choice and flexibility they need to get things done at work.

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