Flinnt: A Digital Platform to Create Engagement Among Teachers and Students


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What is Flinnt?

The startup was launched in August 2012, with its services going live in June 2014. Founded by Harish Iyer, Flinnt is a communication and sharing platform for educational institutions. Using Flinnt, Institutions and their teachers can build interest and engagement among their students in a collaborative learning environment.

It is being used by Graduate and Post Graduate Institutions, K-12 Schools, Kindergartens, Activity & Hobby Centers & Tutorials & Examination Coaching Centers. Teachers and instructors can share learning resources like documents, links to websites, assignments, images and videos with their students linking it to different topics and courses. Many institutions also use Flinnt as an institutional Intranet to communicate achievements, announcements and updates.

Harish Iyer, the Co-founder and CEO believes that learning resources have to be structured and sequenced in an appropriate manner to ensure that the learning outcomes are achieved. Towards this end, Flinnt enables each post to be tagged by chapter, topic or skill, this ensures that the posts can be retrieved and revised by the learners unlike the other communication and social media platforms which focus on instant consumption and then oblivion.

What problems is it solving?

The use of technology in educational institutions is still restricted to showing Powerpoint presentations and using PCs in labs. Whereas the youth is 24X7 connected to the Internet. This gap is due to the reason that the educators are not comfortable accessing the technology and keeping up with it in order to keep their students informed and engaged.

The need of sharing and communication among the educational institutions in a controlled and structured manner is vital, which social media websites don’t provide. The startup is trying to provide a solution for this with its app and web based platform to help teachers to communicate and share all kinds of resources with their students. These sharing can be in the form of:

  1. Links to internet based resources
  2. Documents like PDF, PPT, doc file, excel etc
  3. Audio File
  4. Video File, etc

Who is it competing with?

It says that it is competing with applications such as Whatsapp, Gmail, Edmodo, etc. which people use to fulfill their requirements of communication and document sharing.

Recently, in January a similar app service called ‘Knit’ raised seed funding. It’s an Android app used by teachers and students to exchange pictures and texts. It allows teachers to send one way reminders, announcements, homework, activity photos directly to the parent’s phone. It’s very similar to Flinnt as both the apps mainly focus on bridging communication gaps in educational institutions.

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Which market is it Addressing?

It’s a B2B service and the clients are Educational Institutions right from pre-schools to colleges. The startup is currently working in Gujarat, Maharashtra, AP and Rajasthan, with its headquarters at Ahmedabad. It is available across Android, iOS and a website.

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