Fabence: A Fashion Discovery Startup Offering Social Shopping

hunt-with-friendsWhat is Fabence?

Gurgaon based, Fabence is a personalized fashion and discovery engine that allows users to discover fashion products from multiple sites on one platform. It also helps users in making a purchase decision by providing assistance through personalization. Recently, it was voted as India’s one of the Most promising student startups by Tata First Dot (in partnership with National Entrepreneurship Network).

Founded by Anshul Gupta, Fabence was launched on 15 August, 2014. Growing at a steady pace, the startup has built a partnership with all e-commerce players in the market, and has achieved 80,000 visits.

What services does Fabence offer?

With the aim of providing a real time shopping experience to its customers, Fabence has introduced a feature called ‘Hunt with Friends’. This feature allows its users to search, assort and buy products, having their friends along, virtually. The user can add friends via his/her  Facebook account and team up with them for an online shopping spree. This feature enables the user to seek suggestions from friends in the selection of products.Thus, provides the user with a sense of assurance regarding the investment.

Apart from the aforementioned feature, Fabence  offers an ‘In Built fashion Stylist’ which provides a personalised recommendations in consideration with the user’s physical attributes as well as the  the product that is searched for. Upon signing up with the website, the user is asked to mention his/her physical attributes, based on which it provides its assistance.

What problems is it solving?

It aims to resolve the difficulties that consumers face in discovering fashion products of their choice with an ease. Also, the assistance extended towards them from the website betters their buying decision thereby, giving them a satisfied shopping experience.

Who is it competing with?

It is competing with other product discovery portals such as,,, and among others.

Which market is it addressing?

It is focusing on the growing online fashion market with a vision of making online shopping experience convenient and satisfactory for its users. Its target audience comprises of 18 to 35 years age bracket, hunting for fashion products online.

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