Done: A Cloud Based Order Management for Food and Beverage Industry

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What is Done?

Done  is a Mumbai based startup founded by Himanshu Khona & Vikram Raichura. It is a Cloud Based Order Management, CRM (Customer Relationship management) and Analytics platform for Food and Beverage industry. It caters to chained food service market which includes QSR (Quick Service Restaurants), Frozen dessert (Ice cream & Yogurt), CDR (Casual Dine Restaurants), FDR (Fine Dine Restaurants), Café (including Bakery) & PBCL (Pub, Bar, Club, and Lounge).

Within a year, it has onboarded 20 brands and 150 outlets across 3 cities -Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore. ‘Done’ clientele include Box8, Pizza Corner, Naturals Ice-cream, Baskin Robbins, 6th Street Yogurt, Torrp it up, Eatsome, Khans, Zaffran,Dumadum Biryani, Kaati Zone, Eatlo and many more.

What services does Done offer?

For each brand, Done creates customized mediums for ordering a meal. For online orders,a website and a mobile phone app (Android & iOS) are made. Also, a call center has been set up which takes care of the offline orders, home delivery and takeaway orders. Upon placing the order,  the customer receives an acknowledgement SMS regarding the status of his order at every stage during the  placement  process. This is a standard procedure, regardless of the mode of ordering.

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Image Source: Done Website

What problems is it solving?

Done connects all food outlets with their customers via website, mobile app and call. This helps them in managing the orders. The services provided by Done have encouraged  brands to start up with their online order management system,  as it provides these brands with a scalable back end infrastructure.

Done is powered by a cloud telephony platform which delivers every order directly to the outlet. It liberates restaurant’s manpower from registering orders over a phone call, thus promoting a faster turnaround time and improving overall work efficiency.

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