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New Delhi is the Most Vulnerable Indian City to Cyber Attacks


Image Source: Condenast

With the increase in Internet usage/users, it is speculated that the cyber crime rate will grow proportionally in Delhi.

As reported by The Hindu, Delhi has emerged as the most vulnerable city to cyber attacks in 2014 owing to the increase in number of people accessing the Internet, either through desktop or mobile phones.

Amit Nath, Country Manager (India and SAARC) said, “New Delhi becomes the top malicious city, meaning the ability of hackers to attack corporates as well as individual users is highest here compared to other cities in the country.”

Delhi reported the maximum number of PC malware infections in 2014 (20 per cent), followed by Hyderabad and Chandigarh (9 per cent each), and Chennai (7 per cent) as stated by ‘The State of Internet in India’ report.

Further adding on the issue Amit Nath said that the users should follow basic safety guidelines such as keeping security software updated on both desktops and smartphones, and frequently changing the passwords. He also showed concern over the Government’s plan of providing free Wi-Fi access, for that  will enhance the risk, as it would give the hackers, an easy access into the system. He suggested that the Government should enforce some strict laws to keep a check on such crimes.

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