CrowdStudio: A Graphic Design Crowdsourcing Platform for Startups

crowd studio

Image source: CrowdStudio Website

What is CrowdStudio?

Founded in 2014 by Vivek Raghavan, Jaseem Thayal Shareef and Nitin Bekal, CrowdStudio is a Kochi based startup that serves as a curated graphic design platform for startups and small businesses. The startup with its crowdsourcing service connects business who need design with experienced freelance designers at an affordable price. They have a curated system, in which they handpick professionals, quality designers based on their design portfolio.

The idea of CrowdStudio sparked when Vivek Raghavan, following his love for designing, won a design contest during his college days. That is when Vivek and Jaseem felt they could follow their passion and establish their career in it.

What problems is it solving?

Startups and small businesses depend on freelance designers, design studios and agencies for their graphic design needs, unsure of the quality of work from the latter’s side. Such options usually become an expensive affair for the startups and they give only a handful of designs to choose from. However, looking for a cheaper option also has a risk of plagiarism.

CrowdStudio is catering to these problems of startups. It ensures quality product delivery on affordable prices.


Above Shown: CrowdStudio Co-Founders

Above Shown: CrowdStudio Co-Founders

What services does CrowdStudio offer?

It offers crowdsourced design contests hosted by clients, wherein freelance designers and others participate. The client gets a variety of designs for their logo or branding.

Design studios and agencies can use this contest platform to conduct their private project contests. Private contests are hidden from the search engine and only designers who have signed in, and have signed an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) can view it.

Another option the website provides is that the client can choose the designer based on the budget, portfolio and location. This is a personal engagement and will be visible to the client and the designer only. This option is a private beta.

CrowdStudio offers designing of Logo, Mascot, Business card, Stationery, Letterhead, Envelope, Complete Brand Identity, Landing Page, Icon, Social Media, Banner ad, Poster/Flyer, Stall background, Outdoor hoarding, Shop signage, Illustration, Infographic, Packaging, Book cover, Invitation card, T-shirt and Slide presentation.

Who is it competing with?

Presently it is competing with 99designs, designcrowd and sribu.

What milestones has it achieved till date?

It secured a 20 lakhs angel funding from founders of MobME Wireless. CrowdStudio aims to reach 500 design contests per month by the end of 2015. Till now CrowdStudio has completed 60 contests and has crossed Rs. 5.5 Lakhs in Designer Payments. Has 350+ designers with 5000 designs created. Top designer has earned around 1 lakh.

“Design is always treated as a luxury and not a necessity. At CrowdStudio, we are committed to provide quality designs at an affordable price. We want to spread the awareness among young entrepreneurs that ‘Good design is good business”, says the team.


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