Coursera in Partnership with Google and Snapdeal to Offer Job Oriented Courses


Image Source: Forbes

E-Learning portal, Coursera has partnered with Google and e-commerce firm Snapdeal to offer job oriented courses. Coursera offers online courses from global universities such as Duke, Caltech, Stanford and Princeton. Last year, it signed its first partnership in India with the Indian School of Business.

Experts at Google and Instagram have joined Coursera to help develop the final projects called ‘Capstones’ for Coursera specialisation. The capstone projects will help the learner develop an expertise or master a new set of skills with the help of online classes and teachings of top industry partners, as shared in the official blog post.

Instagram, 500 startups, Snapdeal and Shazam are together supporting the capstone projects at Coursera. Snapdeal and Shazam have partnered with The Wharton School, while Instagram will work with University of California, and 500 Startups with University of Maryland.

Google has partnered with University of Maryland and Vanderbilt University while iHeartMedia with Berklee College of Music has  already conducted pilot projects.

Coursera CEO Rick Levin says, “In a job market that is increasingly filled with job descriptions that didn’t exist a decade ago or less, workers and employers alike are recognising the value of online certificates. Approximately half of Coursera’s learners come to us seeking knowledge to boost their careers, and that ratio is even higher in places like India, where online learning certificates have gained early acceptance.”

The four courses and the final Capstone Project are of 5 months duration. These courses are charged at USD 595 (37014 INR). Also, all the courses that are offered, are available for free and without Verified Certificates, excluding the Capstone Project.

Coursera is in talks with educational institutes and firms in India as it looks forward to expanding further in the Indian market. India is one of the top five revenue generators for Coursera. Its largest market is US with around 4 million users.


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