Citrus Pay Launches Cube Mobile App for Monthly Bills Management and Payment

Citrus Payment Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (Citrus Pay) has launched its user centric mobile app ‘Citrus Cube’. Cube is a personal payments manager that Tracks, Pays & Reminds users of their bills.

It allows users to customize and personalize reminders for all bill payments. It helps create analytical graphs that help the user track spending habits. The users can plan and manage bills offline with this app.

Citrus Cube features include:

  • Pay multiple service providers.
  • Accommodate reminders for personal categories like GYM, Society, School fees etc.
  • Populate detailed billing history for past offline payments made by the user.
  • Analyze payment patterns, so users know what, when, how much and to whom they have paid.
  • Offer payment options like Debit cards, Credit cards and Net Banking.
  • Allow users to have a saved account – so that they can pay almost instantaneously.

Available for both Android and iOS platforms, it has a dedicated customer support. Satyen V Kothari, Managing Director, Citrus Payment Solutions Pvt. Ltd. said, “With lifestyles being as hectic as they are in modern India, and so many bills to pay, at times we tend to lose track of due dates. The end result is usually last minute stress and or a hefty late payment fee. Our goal is to make consumer-centric solution apps that simplify this everyday problem for every Indian and frees up their time to enjoy the better things in life. That’s what ‘Cube’ does!”

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