More Billionaires-to-be in Indian E-Commerce?

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This is truly an exciting time for Indian eCommerce. Investors from around the world are taking note of the explosive growth potential of the Indian eCommerce industry, and have committed staggering $5 billion investments in 2014 (Source: eTailing India estimates). Companies such as Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Myntra and Jabong led the pack; with many others following, such as Pretty Secrets, Cbazaar, Fashion & You, Pepperfry, Limeroad, First Cry, Urbanladder, BigBasket etc.

The e-commerce market in India is projected to grow to more than $90 billion in 2021 estimated to grow at a double digit growth rate from 2016 to 2021 (Source: eTailing estimates). Nearly everyone wants to have a pie of the burgeoning eCommerce market in India. eCommerce companies saw their valuations sky rocket, for instance, Flipkart saw its valuation increase from $3 billion to $11 billion, and Snapdeal saw its valuation increase from  $350 million to $ 2-3 billion.

Consumers are not complaining with sweet sale deals coming their way frequently. In the process, online retailers at times rubbed the brick-and-mortar traditional retailers the wrong way, facing charges and investigations for alleged unfair trade practices.

2015 has revolutionized the outlook for this sector to an extent that eTailing India is given to suggest that the e-commerce market will hit the $25 billion mark very soon; a huge leap from  the $12-13 billion revenues of 2014.

eTailing India had identified this opportunity in early 2012 , and created the country’s largest knowledge repository for the online retail industry. Today, eTailing India has emerged as a ‘‘Thought Leader” in the eCommerce industry. The platform not only hosts India’s largest eCommerce conference and exhibition, but also recognizes the best companies through the annual “The eTales” Awards. Also, it boasts of a dedicated research division to conduct independent research studies and commission white papers. The flagship conference which is to be held on the 24-26th February  2015 , considers learning from year past and looks forward to a better year ahead.

Falling back on the previous year’s statistics, as well as a few trends that have been dominating the global industry, we may estimate the following-

  1. Development in logistics will attract more investments. Investors are betting on the logistics sector, which is expected to act as one of the beneficiary factors in the Indian e-commerce industry.
  2. Indian e-commerce companies would step up to provide investment in infrastructure. Due to growing popularity of the Indian eCommerce industry, it is estimated that it will attract investment worth $ 2 Billion in logistics, warehousing and infrastructure by 2020.
  3. Mobile technology would provide  e-commerce with an edge over its competitors. With the growth in the mobile phones, and the rise in issuing as well as  usage of credit  and debit cards, mobile commerce will provide huge market opportunity for e-commerce in the coming years. Furthermore, with the tremendous increase in the awareness and usage of mobile wallet, mobile commerce is proving itself to be the next logical step in the market.

About eTailing India Expo:

eTailing India Expo 2015: India’s Flagship eCommerce Conference & Exhibition, scheduled to be  held from Feb 24-26, 2015 at The Sahara Star in Mumbai, will witness the largest gathering of industry CEOs , discussing the future of online retail in India. The conference and exhibition will facilitate exchange of ideas and best practices; sharing of experiences and vision; mentoring of students and entrepreneurs; advocacy of policy and regulations.

‘eTailing India Expo 2015’: Key Highlights

  • India’s flagship eCommerce Conference & Exhibition
  • 1250+ Delegates
  • 150+ Speakers
  • 350+ CEOs
  • 25+ Panel Discussions & Round Table Discussions
  • Focused Workshop Tracks
  • 150+ Partners and Exhibitors
  • Launch Of India’s First Top 100 Rankings of eCommerce Companies

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