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Bessemer Venture Partners Raises $1.6B for its IX Investment Fund

Bessemer Venture Partners has raised $1.6 billion for its IX Investment Fund to invest in the next generation of companies. The firm will continue to focus on sectors including Consumer Internet, Enterprise Technology, Mobile, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing and SaaS, Developer Platforms and Developer Infrastructure, Healthcare IT and Space.

BVP invests in companies at different from early investments – Seed rounds and Series A & B – in Twilio, Pinterest, Yelp, Skype, and Shopify to growth rounds for LinkedIn and Box.

We continue to support BVP Funded companies through follow-on investments and network relationships, and operational support from experts in business and corporate development, talent acquisition and marketing/communications.   And we make these investments all over the world, BVP wrote in a Blog Post.

As investors, we are believers in the transformative power of technology. Our mission is to back the world’s most talented  entrepreneurs to help them build big businesses and dominate markets. 

Bessemer Venture Partners has over 100 years of investing experience, with a portfolio ranging from brick and mortar retailer Staples to web brands like Skype and LinkedIn. Till date, it had made 362 investments in 213 companies, 18 exists due to IPOs and 54 went the mergers and acquisitions route.

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