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#BeMyValenTech: NASSCOM’s Initiative to Match Startup Soulmates


Image Source: NASSCOM Twitter Page

NASSCOM 10,000 Startups is on a mission to help entrepreneurs find their ValenTech! With the support of Entrepreneur cafe, it plans to help people find the right co-founder or startup job opportunity for themselves.

Individuals looking out for co-founders or appropriate startups, need to fill up the form provided by NASSCOM. With a brief bio about oneself, one needs to give in details of what and whom exactly they are looking for with a mention of their field of expertise.

Startup geeks might just have found a reason to look up to the upcoming Valentine’s Day. The accelerator will match the preferences in the submitted applications, and will help like-minded startup enthusiasts to meet up by Valentine’s Day. To register yourself, click here.

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