Moral Police Goes Online: #AIBRoast V/S AIB National Shame

YouTube video AIBKnockout’s buzz does not seem to settle down. It started with going viral online, and now it is catching up with the fire of criticism and rejection by many who stand against it calling its content obnoxious.

The video now comes with a ‘Content Warning’ on YouTube and people need to verify their age before being able to access it. Maharashtra Culture Minister Vinod Tawde is clearly not entertained by the video and has plans to look into the matter, calling the video as vulgar. Many other communities have risen against the use of blunt language in the video, threating to lodge complaints

And since Twitter has risen as a public discussion forum, people on Twitter are having arguments, whether in favour or against it. The show’s conversations are trending on Twitter, along with attracting a huge audience with mixed opinions.



Image Source: Twitter


AIB National Shame


Image Source: Twitter


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