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AAP’s Jhadu Sweeps Twitter Again

afvnkjrwalWith over 60 seats, AAP’s back in Delhi, and this time with a bang. With the declaration of election results, it seems what Modi’s mammoth campaign ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ couldn’t do, Kejriwal’s humble ‘Jhadu’ did. The return of AAP has become a watershed in the history of Indian politics. Even BJP’s juggernaut which crushed the monopoly of Congress under its wheels last year across the country, scrambled in front of AAP.

Sharing a moment of elation on Twitter, Arvind Kejriwal, the Chief ministerial candidate of AAP has expressed his heartfelt gratitude towards his wife Sunita Kejriwal for her utmost support and faith.

Friend turned foe, Kiran Bedi who has still Kejriwal blocked on Twitter, congratulated the latter on his win through the same social media channel. Also, she has mentioned that the probable factors leading to the loss of BJP in the Capital, shall be addressed duly.

AAP’s win has brought about a revolution in the Indian political scenario. Going against critics’ prophecy, Kejriwal’s party, instead of running through a self destruction process, reinvented and bettered itself. AAP’s humility punctured BJP’s narcissistic pride and paved its way bit by bit towards a landslide victory.
Member of Parliament from Bengal, Chief Whip of Trinamool in RS & National,Derek O’Brien tweeted sarcastically on BJP’s fall –

Although the Capital is high on the spirit of celebration, the social platforms are flooded with opinions from all over the country; some satisfied while many still skeptical. Owing to Kejriwal’s abrupt resignation in the past which was seen as an immature move, his political acumen still stands under question. Also, even if people have embraced AAP back, their expectations now have raised much higher than the last time. Further, It seems, keeping AAP in capital is a strategy employed by the people of India to restrict the hegemony of one political party over the entire country.

Last but not the least, to infuse a comic relief to the sombre atmosphere in Delhi , Amul came up with a quirky cartoon , wishing AAP the best.

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