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10 Gadgets for Your Tech Savvy Partner on this Valentine’s Day!

Burning your night lamps? Asking your friends, worrying about what to gift your gizmo freak partner this Valentine’s? Relax!Here is a list of options to pick from.

TGS Selfie Monopod


Image Source: Giftease Website

TGS Selfie Monopod helps you click as many selfies as you want from different angles. Its adjustable ball head and thumb screw of monopod locks helps in multiple angle shooting with 180 degree position. The monopod can be extended to 235 to 1005 mm. It is a metal mobile accessory available in many colours for just INR 499 . A perfect gift for selfie lovers!

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Heart Pendant Pendrive

PizK8gb-delicate-heart-shape-rhinestone-usb-flash-drive (1)

Image Source: HitPlay Website

This 8-GB heart shape pendrive pendant is a must for jewellery collection. Made from stainless steel with embedded crystals,it is water, sand and sweat resistant. Works with PC, Mac and Linux.  Available for INR 1,099 makes a perfect to gift your girlfriend this Valentine!

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Image Source: HitPlay

Digits are mini conductive pins that get attached to your favourite gloves and help you use electronic touch screen devices. They are made of conductive silicone, with a metal pin on the back for attaching to your glove. They come  in packs of four. The gloves will keep you warm and the digits will keep you connected to your loved ones. One pair is available for INR 1,265.

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Image source: HitPlay

This funky music system is a Bluetooth DIY programmable MP3 dancing robot.The speakers come in two colours , black and white, and have a Piano lacquer housing case. It comes with 1.0” LCD display and has a built-in 4GB memory. The speaker power is 1.5Wx2 with a frequency range of 20Hz to 20KHz. One of the amazing features of this gadget is that you can program your own dance motion patterns on it. The gadget costs INR 1990.

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Lenovo N5901 Wireless Keyboard


Image Source: Lenovo

The Lenovo N5901 Wireless Keyboard is a mini-keyboard with a range of 10 meter and QWERTY setup. The keyboard is perfect for home theatre systems, PCs, multimedia PCs and office systems. It comes with a trackball that works like a mouse and allows you to control the operations with an ease.It costs INR 2200 and could make the perfect gift for your geeky partner.

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Lantern Power Bank


Image Source: HitPlay Website

It’s a 7800 mAh compact Power Bank and Camping Lantern in one. Camping light can be used both as a flashlight and a camping light. 2 Watt LED light bulb provides more than 100 hours consistent lighting.Four small LEDs alert you about the remaining capacity of the gadget. It is available for INR 2,999.

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Silver 4GB USB Flash Drive Cufflinks


Image Source: Cufflinks

Let technology embellish the class of your partner.These classy pair of silver cufflinks carry a 4GB USB Flash Drive. The feature functional gadget serves its utility purpose with style. Since the gadget is wearable, one can easily carry all the important documents along, wherever one goes. These little functional fashion hotties are worth INR 4351.

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Image Source: NYDailyNews

The Everpurse is not just a purse, but much more. It looks like a large sized, sleek wallet and as well serves the purpose of a regular purse but only with an enhanced feature- a wireless smartphone charger. It is designed to keep women connected to fashion, and technology at the same time. All she has to do is, place her smartphone in the pocket inside the purse which is a dock, and let it charge automatically.

This could essentially be the perfect gift for your lady this Valentine’s. You can purchase the Everpurse for INR 6777. The product might demand a bit from your pocket, but could it be worth it?

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GoPro Hero


Image Source: Amazon Website

GoPro Hero is a high definition personal camera, often used in extreme-action video photography. It is lightweight, compact and can be worn or mounted on vehicles. It captures still photos or video in HD through  a wide angle lens. Works on Lithium ion batteries, and is available for INR 12,200. Could be a great present for the tech savvy traveller in your life.

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Denon DP29F Mini Turntable


Image Source: Amazon Website

This could be the best pick for your music lover partner. This mini Turntable is belt driven with phone pre-amplifier. It could be plugged into any receiver’s analog line -level input. This automated system starts playing with just a push of a button , and includes DSN-82 moving magnet cartridge. The product comes for INR 12,750.

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