Users Can Now Report False News and Fake Story Posts on Facebook

Facebook has launched a new feature where the users have the ability to report the story as a hoax. The new feature will help Facebook reduce the distribution of content that people have reported as hoaxes or misleading news. Thus providing them the news feed that matter to them directly.


The new added feature to report a story in News Feed as False works in the same way as reporting a story as spam. To reduce the number of these types of posts, News Feed will take into account when many people flag a post as false. News Feed will also take into account when many people choose to delete posts.


Therefore, any post that many people have reported as hoax or chosen to delete will get reduced distribution in News Feed and will eventually show a warning that many people have reported it as false information. The new feature will apply to posts including links, photos, videos, and status updates.

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    The “cracking down on hoaxes” is one aspect of a far more serious,
    undiscussable asymmetric national security issue. Facebook’s
    worried their social media platform and real-time news feed could be used to
    disseminate decentralized bomb threats, panic-inducing information and
    phony emergency evacuation orders for large, confined crowds (NFL, NCAA,
    NASCAR, MLB, etc.).

    Such activity could conceivably result in an
    “artificially generated stampede.” Learn more about this untouchable
    public safety issue > agsaf dot org

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