Textblade: A Compact Portable Keyboard for Smartphones and Tablets


Image Source: Waytools

WayTools have launched their three piece ‘TextBlade’ keyboard for smart devices, to solve the hassle of typing on smart devices.

The TextBlade is a compact, Bluetooth connected keyboard that magnetically comes together, or collapses into a package that is smaller than an iPhone 4. It fits into pants pockets and is portable. The company claims that you can type with full speed without any trouble.

The QWERTY layout of the keyboard is divided into four smart keys on each side. The corners of the space bar are touch sensitive and will activate special characters, numbers and symbols. Every key has 19mm of finger spacing, similar as desktop.

TextBlade costs around USD 99 (INR 6,103), and is iOS and Android compatible, although its market availability in India is not known. It has rechargeable lithium polymer battery, which lasts for around a month per charge. It has a built in cordless NanoCharger.

The following video will give you an idea of TextBlade keyboard’s working and usage:

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