Telangana Government Wants to Block Flipkart and Others for “Objectionable Content”


While the officials are still looking into the models of the companies selling adult products online, Telangana Government has taken a step ahead and has asked internet service providers (ISPs) to block multiple such sites including Flipkart, IMBesharam, Thatspersonal etc. for including ‘objectionable content’ on their websites.

A senior government official told ET that, “the state government feels some websites need to be blocked to avert crimes against women as there is a strong concern that viewing porn sites is leading to crime against women.” The state government has also asked from the various internet service providers (ISPs) to set up appropriate software tools which will block content violating the provisions of the IT Act of 2000.

Snapdeal and Amazon too have a Sexual Wellness category, but it seems those haven’t come into the notice of the Government.

The issue comes soon after the Indian Government blocked 32 websites and links, including Vimeo, Github and Dailymotion for alleged ‘anti-India’ content and jihadist propaganda. Later, the government ordered to unblock those 32 websites as all websites responded that they will remove the concerned content.

Looks like the Government bodies and e-commerce players are again in a sticky situation for deciding what’s okay and what’s not.

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