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Delhi’s CM Candidates Play Block-Unblock Game on Twitter

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As it has been made clear time and again, politicians in India love interacting with their followers on Twitter and Facebook. India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi being one of them with almost 10 million followers and 7000 tweets. But at the moment, the upcoming State Assembly Elections on 7th February 2015, are creating a rise in heat among political parties and their candidates.

Kiran Bedi, former IPS officer who recently joined BJP party, has been declared BJP’s chief ministerial candidate from Delhi. In order to congratulate his opponent, Aam Aadmi Party Chief sent the below tweet to her

But soon enough Kejriwal realised that Kiran Bedi can not see his tweets, she had blocked his opponent on Twitter. Knowing this, Delhi’s ex-CM requested her to unblock me.

Three days back, another AAP leader Kumar Vishwas had also requested Kiran Bedi, on Twitter, to unblock him and Kejriwal.

Recently, AAP party had launched a Twitter war against its former candidates Shazia Ilmi and Kiran Bedi who abandoned AAP and joined BJP. They pulled out their old tweets to highlight the hypocrisy of their loyalty towards one party. Looks like the political parties have found out a new use case for Twitter.

Update: Responding to Arvind Kejriwal’s challenge for a public debate, Kiran Bedi said she is ready for a debate, but will debate only on the floor of the House. “I believe in delivery of goals, programmes, vision, services, while Kejriwal believes in debates,” she said. Responding to Kejriwal’s request, Bedi said  in a report  that she had blocked Kejriwal over a year back when he called himself an anarchist.

The elections day is near and the heat will rise until the votes have been cast. Be smart, know your stakes and do cast your vote, for every single vote holds the power to change.


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