Shout: An iOS App to Send Messages to People in a Specific Area


US based app development company Spangle Inc launched a new mobile messaging app Shout on Thursday. The app allows location-specific sharing that lets users pick any place in the world to send and share content. Location specific in this case implies that the users can set their Shout radius anywhere on the map from 30 feet to 25 miles and start chatting with others within “shouting distance”.

People can send comments, pictures, questions, news etc. to specific places like their college campus, neighbourhood, office complex etc.

Shout has two main feeds, one for local shouts and one for user’s personal shouts. Only shouts within “shouting distance” of each user will appear in their local feed. Users can reply to local shouts, chat with other users.

Spangle Inc. team developed Shout after seeing that people wanted to have the power to share to others in specific areas. Yik Yak already does this to a certain degree but what we found is that if you allow users to control the area where content is shared it greatly expands the potential utility of local specific sharing. ,” said Misbah Ashraf, Chief Growth Officer, Spangle Inc.

Spangle Inc also has an on-going college ambassador program with over 75 University students North America and Asia spreading the word about the app in their respective campuses.

Shout app is free and supports iOS 7 and above. To download the app, click here.

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