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PushBullet Launches its App for iPad, Mac and Safari

PushBullet has now launched its app for iPad, Mac and as a plugin for Safari. The app which was already available for Windows and Android, makes it easy to share a link, an image or a file between devices or with friends and support pushing full, actionable iOS notifications to user Mac.
Here is a video which shows the PushBullet’s features:
The company is also launching an extension for Safari for OS X. Once installed, user can either use the extension button or simply right-click on a web page to share it. User can also use PushBullet to share items from Safari in iOS.
The company is also bringing universal copy-and-paste to the Apple ecosystem – copying on one device makes the text or link available to paste directly from any of user other devices.


Using Bluetooth LE, users can now see, act on and dismiss their iOS notifications right on their Mac. The notifications will stay synced with user phone. User can view recent pushes and notifications, right there or in Notification Center.

Along with the new apps, Pushbullet announced a USD 1.5 million seed round of funding led by General Catalyst with SV Angel, Alexis Ohanian, Garry Tan, Paul Buchheit, and other angel investors.

Images Source: PushBullet Blog

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