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Five Notable Gadgets Launched During CES 2015

Here are some of the new gadgets launched in Consumer Electronics Show 2015 that you might find interesting.

Welcome – A Smart Security Camera


Image Source: recombu

Netatmo’s Welcome is a smart security camera. Facial recognition technology lets it recognise who is coming through the front door of the house. For any face that Welcome fails to recognises, it immediately sends a notification to your phone. The camera also captures footage, which can be used as an evidence when required.

It has a 130 degree viewing angle and an infrared sensor, it is also capable of recording video at night time. It can be placed on windows, back doors or main gate. The company says it expects to ship the device in the spring, but hasn’t yet announced a price for it.

Logbar’s Ring controller


Image Source: Logbar

The Ring by Logbar has a single button for multiple controls. The ring is about drawing symbols in the air that accomplishes a range of commands to other electronic devices. This Japanese-made wearable device allows people to control a host of household appliances, including lamps and televisions.

By pressing a stud on the side of Ring with your thumb, you can draw gestures in the air that turn items off or on. It is available for USD 269 (INR 17002). The video below will give you an idea about how the ring works.


The Walkman


Image Source: droid-life

Sony is back with its flagship music device ‘The Walkman’. Sony’s Walkman NW-ZX2 features a matte black casing, with a curved side that accommodates the playback buttons. It runs on the old Android version 4.2 Jelly Bean and allows you download and play apps from Google Play. It supports DSD, WAV, AIFF, FLAC, Apple Lossless, and more audio formats. It also allows Bluetooth connection and  NFC for one-touch connection to speakers/headphones. The Walkman ZX2 will be made available in the market this year for USD 1,200 (INR 75,845/-).

Polaroid’s Instant Cameras

poloroid camera

Image Source: bloomberg

Polaroid’s vintage-style cam is actually modernized with WiFi connectivity and an Android-based system for shooting and sharing. It features both a 14 megapixel main shooter and a 2 megapixel front-facing camera and an LED flash. The Android-powered camera comes with a 4.5-inch LCD touch screen and 4GB of internal storage with the ability to add more storage with a Micro SD card.

It can be paired with the social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter using Socialmatic’s built-in WiFi, and the Android camera features Bluetooth pairing for borrowing WiFi from your smartphone. It shoots and prints instantly. It is available for USD 300 (INR 18,961).

Edyn’s Smart Garden Gadget


Image source : venturebeat

Edyn’s smart garden gadget has a combination of smart soil sensor and a hose attachment so that the garden can be easily managed. The sensor runs off solar power and connects to your WiFi network.  It uses electrical impulses to monitor the state of the soil and then combines that info with other sensors like temperature, light, humidity and online weather data to come up with recommendations for the garden.

It can even suggest pairing of different crops. The Edyn sensor can adjust the amount of water the plants get if the day is rainy or humid. The connected mobile app gives the data  on the state of the plants. It sends notifications when the plants needs water or manure. The sensor and the hose together  is for USD 159 (INR 10,049) and the sensor alone will cost USD 99 (INR 6,257).


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