JD.com Launches Major Imported Foods Initiative to Compete Against Alibaba

Image Source: TechCrunch

Image Source: TechCrunch

JD.com, Chinese online direct sales company, has launched an initiative to bring imported food items to its tens of millions of Chinese customers. The company will partner with food producers from Australia, Canada, Chile, France and New Zealand.

“JD.com customers have a tremendous appetite for imported foods, and we are delighted to bring even more of the best international brands to China,” said JD Mall CEO Haoyu Shen. “This push to expand our sales of imported food products is resonating with our customers because they know that the JD.com brand means authentic and safe products.”

In addition to importing seafood, fruits and wine, JD.com will bring in products from U.S companies like from Ocean Spray, Ghirardelli, Silk, Starbucks, Organic Valley, Mars, Quaker, Dead Guy Ale, Sun-Maid and Pringles, among dozens of others.

Also, this initiative will help the company to compete with Alibaba, which has grown its selection of imported goods. Alibaba’s online marketplace for brands, Tmall.com had cooperated with U.S Department of Agriculture’s trade office in Shanghai to bring in fresh piece and produce, while its other sites Taobao marketplace and group deals site Juhuasuan, have also offered special promotions.

Like JD.com, to import food Alibaba is also working with trade offices in several countries including Chile, Taiwan, Thailand, Denmark, and Australia.

“This initiative is a major step forward in JD.com’s strategic efforts to dominate the verticals most important to our customers, from travel and cars, to imported foods, said Haoyu Shen.

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