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IOT roundup: Mint, Skully and More Gadgets that You Should Know About


The company that had created smartphone breathalyzer called the breathometer, has launched a new product called ‘Mint’. Mint will detect and monitor your breath quality and hydration simply through your breath.

The user needs to breathe into the device and the connected app gives a reading that tells the quality of the breath and lets the user know how fresh or sticky his/her breath is.

The device has an Electro-Chemical Fuel Cell, that measures bad breath causing compounds including the amount of hydrogen sulfide, methyl mercaptan and hydrogen disulfide. It has Bluetooth LE Wireless connectivity. Mint’s battery life lasts for 10-14 days, and can be recharged with the help of Micro USB Cable.

2Breathometer-Mint-2 (1)

Image Source: Indiegogo

And it also tells the level of hydration by measuring the level of water present in your mouth mucous membrane.

It is available for Android and iOS app. The Android app is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, Nexus 5 and iOS devices, the iOS app syncs with Apple’s HealthKit as well. The data can be shared with Medical Professionals and personal trainers. It has recommendation engine to assist in Hydration and Breath Quality goals.

August Connect


Image source: August Website

August, a technology company which builds home security locks, has launched a new product August Connect.

It’s a new hardware device providing a Smart Lock with a constant Internet connection that enables remote access to the home and integration with other smart devices.


Image source: August Website

August Connect plugs into a power outlet inside the home of an August Smart Lock user and connects to their home wireless network and the Internet. This connection enables several features such as the ability for a user to check the status of their lock remotely and operate it from the August mobile app for iOS or Android on their smartphone or tablet.



Image Source: skullysystems

Skully is a smart motorcycle helmet that provides an extra layer of safety for thrill seeking motorcyclists by providing features like situational awareness with the help of ultra wide angle rear view camera, GPS navigation etc. In terms of safety it is DOT/ECE certified, with fog, scratch and glare resistant visor. It comes with Bluetooth connectivity, Internet connectivity via phone and air-sync software updates. It is equipped with intelligent audio, hands free calling and streaming music.

Smarter’s Connected Kettle

smart kettle

Image Source: Smarter

U.K. based Smarter has developed a remote-controlled kettle that connects to a smartphone via Wi-Fi connection. You can start boiling the water in your kettle from anywhere in the house, it sends a notification to your phone when the water is hot and reminds you to refill and tell you when the kettle is empty.

The WiFi Kettle app is available for Android and iOS. Designed with high grade stainless steel, it has variable temperature controls, along with brew timer and drinks requests. It also has wake up and welcome home alarm modes.




Image Source: petcube

Petcube is a WiFi enabled and inbuilt camera device that allows you to monitor your pets remotely via your smartphone. It has a speaker, that allows you to call or talk to your pet. Petcube comes with an inbuilt laser pointer, which can be controlled via the mobile app to allow you to play with your pets even if you are in office or anywhere else.

This new gadget will never leave your pet alone. And you too can keep an eye and check on your pet. A smart way to stay connected with your pet.

Petcube has a 138 degree wide angle camera streaming HD 720p video. It is iOS and Android compatible.

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    As Director of the National Breath Center, I just wanted to voice my excitement about the Breathometer Mint that is due to launch this year. Imagine you are getting ready for a meeting with your boss about promotion; or imagine a presentation with you co-workers. You pull the Mint out of your pocket, and in a few seconds, you know if your breath is fresh and if not, what to do about it. Or imagine that special social occasion. Perhaps a first date/ Perhaps a casual gathering. In fact, any situation where you will be close to others. To be sure your breath is fresh, use the Breathometer Mint. Oops. High score – bad breath! Now that you know beforehand, you can eliminate the problem before that special occasion. Having cured over 7000 people of bad breath since 1993, the Breathometer Mint will be that ideal way to monitor how well you are doing. I plan to give one to each of my patients.

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