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Indian IoT Startup ReTiSense Close to Its Kickstarter Goal of USD 25K


To provide real-time feedback on performance for runners, Internet of Things (IoT) startup ReTiSense has secured under USD 22,626 for its wearable device ‘Stridalyzer’ via crowd-funding platform Kickstarter. The firm had earlier raised USD 45,000 in angel funding from unnamed investors.

The company is looking to raise a total capital of USD 25,000 by first week of January 2015 i.e. in another 5 days. The funding will be used to bulk manufacture the product i.e. smart insoles that provide data to help the users understand and improve their form and prevent an injury by undue stress.

Bangalore-based ReTiSense was launched in June 2014, as a venture of former Intel employees Anshuman Singh and Shuvadeep Sarkar, it’s wearable device ‘Stridalyzer’ provides real-time advice to the runners to help them run with the correct form.

The device is a sensor fitted wearable that is placed within the running footwear and connected with a smartphone app to estimate, analyse and alert about potential injuries to the knee, claims the firm. It tracks and analyses the run style, body form, body pressures & forces, along with performance metrics like ground contact time and stride length.

if while running, the user starts persistently overpronating, or if the footstrike pattern changes, the Stridalyzer will communicate with the app to give the user a visual as well as an audio alert.

To know more about the Kickstarter project or to support it, click here.

Image Source: Kickstarter

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