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Hewlett Packard Unveils its Mini Windows PCs Starting USD 180


Hewlett Packard has unveiled its two new mini PCs designed to compete with the low cost Chromebooks by Google. Named as Stream Mini and Pavillion Mini, the two little systems will cost USD 180 and USD 320 respectively.

It will be out on sale from 14th January. The aim of these two new machines is to offer a Windows-based alternative to the new wave of cheap Chromebooks and Chromeboxes, supplementing local storage and processing power with the growing power of the cloud, as per a report on The Verge.


The Stream mini (shown above), which costs USD 180 (INR 11405), is the cheaper one among the two. It has a 2GB of RAM and a 32 GB Hard Drive, powered by an Intel Celeron chip.

It also comes with a two year subscription to Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage service, which will help its users to keep an extra 200 GB remotely.


Pavilion mini (shown above), the second PC among the two, has a more powerful processor with an extra 2GB of RAM and a full 500 GB of local storage. It costs USD 320 (INR 20276).

Both the PCs have USB ports and a power button on the front, with dual display ports and an audio jack on the back. The PCs consume 45 watts of power each.

Images Source: Engadget


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