HealthifyMe: A Mobile App Startup Trying to Make Indians Healthy



Healthcare and fitness segments are seeing a lot of technological advances lately. From mobile apps to smartwatches to fitness bands, there is something for everybody. And walking along the same lines, an India based startup HealthifyMe aims to create solutions on web and mobile to motivate people towards healthy behaviour.

While there are endless apps available in the market, Tushar Vashisht, Cofounder and CEO of HealthifyMe says that his startup is different because even the top performing apps don’t take Indian diet and cuisine into consideration, while this mobile app has a database of 10,000 local and regional Indian foods, in 13 regional and local Indian languages and around 500 exercises and activities. Also, the startup has partnered with a few medical institutes and brands in the country such as Apollo Hospitals, Medanta – The Medicity, Manipal Hospital, and Unilever.

The app uses a combination of cloud-powered software (smartphone application), hardware (wearable activity trackers, weight trackers) and human assistance (nutritionists, trainers and yoga instructors) to help users log and manage their calories, track physical activities and achieve fitness goals. Below is a video showing how it works:

The app allows users to set their weight goals, and suggests a calorie intake and burn plan to attain it. It gamifies the process to keep users driven to attain their goals. For doing healthy activities the user earns points and compete with people on the leaderboard.

The user gets a chance to interact with the team of nutritionists, fitness experts and yoga instructors via the mobile app’s pro version. The experts craft a plan that’s totally based on user’s needs and that can work with the realities of their lifestyles.

It is currently available for Android on Google Play and the iOS app version is expected to be out soon

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