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Google Cast for Audio is Here; Cast Ready Speakers to Come Soon


Google launched Google cast for audio, which will allow users to send music to speakers directly connected to Internet, just like Chromecast does with video and images on TVs.

Google cast for audio uses the same technology as Chromecast, into speakers, sound bars, and A/V receivers, as per the company’s official announcement. The user will have to tap on the cast button in the music or radio app and select the Google Cast Ready speaker for the music to play.

It is available across the web, and supports Android and iOS mobile systems.

The user might get a good quality sound since Google Cast Ready speakers, which will first be available in the US soon, take the music directly from the cloud, and the users can multi-task on their phones, tablet or laptops without straining the battery.

The first Google Cast Ready speakers will be made available by brands Sony, LG and HEOS by Denon, with the support of chip makers Broadcom, Marvell, MediaTek and system integrator Libre Wireless.

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