BlaBlaCar Brings its Ride Sharing Service to India


Ride sharing service, BlaBlaCar, has been launched in India. It is present in Europe, Russia and Turkey and now will ply in India as well, which marks the 14th country for the company.

BlaBlaCar offers city to city ride sharing service.  The users search for car owners in the same city, who are travelling to another city to book a seat in advance and share the cost with the co-travellers who sign up for the journey. It thus makes the trip more affordable, than travelling alone.

The user needs to fill up the desired details of departure and arrival timings along with other details. Co-travellers can check car owner details like their age, reasons for travelling, car model used for the journey and the recommended luggage size depending on the car.

The company had raised a funding of USD 100 million in July 2014, as per a Techcrunch report. In November 2014 the company had planned to expand to India, Southeast Asia and Latin America.

BlaBlaCar app is available for both Android and iOS and requires users to sign up via Facebook.

In November 2014, a similar car pool service by Tripda was launched in India. With similar features as BlaBlaCar it had one different feature to its service “ladies only” option, wherein women seeking for all females ride can opt for it, keeping security and safety in mind.


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