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6 Off Beat Chat Apps that Grabbed Downloads in 2014

Internet technology has been constantly evolving over time and its impact has altered the way people communicate. A few years back, the hype for joining and using the social networking sites was on peak, however, with the changing times texting apps have taken over the market. These apps have not only made communicating easier, but also have reduced the phone bills to a large extent.

Earlier telecom companies used to introduce messaging schemes, where one could send unlimited messages with a monthly recharge, but now those offers have reduced considerably and focus has been shifted on providing high speed mobile Internet. The advent of texting apps coupled with better data plans help the users to enjoy the services without getting huge phone bills. Moreover the international boundaries and barriers have been broken with these services.

The popularity of chat applications have invited many entries in this field that made texting, messaging or even voice calling easy, convenient and cost effective. Out of these apps, the popular ones like WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, Hangouts etc. are being used by more than 90% of Android users. However, there exist many more texting applications that are less known, but have still managed to grab eye balls and considerable number of downloads. Here is a compilation of 6 of them:

1. Wire


Developed by Janus Friis, former employee of Skype, Wire is focused on providing a beautiful UI to the users if not its other features. The main USP is the audio voice quality and it keeps the traditional features like messaging and transferring of images, songs, videos intact as well. Users can drag and drop high definition audio and video over the chat and there is an option for compressing the audio files, making it well equipped to tackle modern communication. Contact details for Wire can be automatically arranged based on the frequency of conversations you have had with them. The app is compatible with iOS, Android and Mac OS X.

2. Kik


Kik is one of those communication applications that lets users connect with each other without the need of sharing their actual phone numbers. Users get to communicate with anyone online be it a game or a social app. You can send stickers, create memes, draw sketches, send YouTube videos with preview etc. with this application. However, stickers are not free and you have to earn points either by playing games online or by downloading the suggested app. Kik allows users to mute a particular chat or create a group with up to 50 users. One of the drawbacks with the application is that it does not allow you to share videos.

3. Galaxy


In Galaxy app users can create their own avatar with fancy clothing items and costumes based on their personalities. Costumes and attires can be selected from the various available options. Users can also socialize in their own chat rooms or create a separate one. The conventional features like chatting, sending photos and videos remain but what adds to the flavor is the ability to post blogs and micro blogs. Online games are available including Battleship and Tic-tac-toe.

4. Rounds


This application needs your Facebook credentials for creating your account. The features available for texting are limited, however a wide range of options are available when it comes to video calls. Both 3G and 4G devices are compatible with the app that can also be used to play games, capture images and send them to friends and family. Videos on YouTube can also be watched together.

5. Skout

Skout is an application that is based on the location of the users. You can make your account using your Facebook ID or by signing in with Google. It allows users to connect with people that are in the areas nearby so as to facilitate convenient meetings. Apart from sharing images and virtual gifts (which need to be unlocked), you can also send voice messages. Users also get to check how far the user is staying from the friend they are trying to connect with. Other supported features include shake to chat which keeps things interesting allowing users to connect with people who are shaking their devices at the same time.

6. Avocado


This is a chat application for couples that allows them to stay connected in a romantic way. Users can chat with the special one or “boo” as the app likes to call them and send those virtual emotions including hugs and kisses. The best part of the application is that no other friend of yours will be able to disturb you while you are having a conversation with your loved one. Since the app provides one-on-one interaction, it enables a faster communication service. Users can sketch or write messages or send handmade drawings. Another interesting feature of the application is that it will indicate you when your boo’s device is running out battery. Apart from this, you can sync this application with Google calendar to keep a track of your meetings, dates etc.

In case you want to change your partner’s address you can do so by going into the settings option, but this option is supported in web version only, so you need to login using your laptop or PC to make the changes.

This list ends here however there are many other chat applications which are unique in their own way, like FriendCaster, FireChat, Text Me, etc. A smartphone gives you access to a world full of apps at your disposal. Every app is different in ways it attracts the user and some of the features are common. No matter how many apps we download, there is always one app that we prefer over the others and use it extensively. So enjoy the free texts and calls and stay connected with your loved ones.

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