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Xiaomi Redmi Note Sells out Within Six Seconds on Flipkart; Goes Up for Re-Sale Elsewhere


Xiaomi Redmi Note’s first sale in India was announced to commence on 2nd December and like other Xiaomi+Flipkart flash sales, the stocks got over within a blink of an eye. Almost 50,000 units were sold out in 6 seconds on Flipkart, where almost 350,000 users had registered for the sale.

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The ones who could manage to grab the phone are now selling it at a premium on sites like OLX, eBay India and Quikr. They are even looking for potential buyers on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Officially the Redmi Note is priced at INR 8,999 but the people who bought it are blackmarketing it at higher price as much as INR 16,498. A similar situation was observed when Xiaomi Mi3 was launched earlier this year.

Xiaomi told BGR, that it was an unfortunate situation and they would request the companies to take down the listings. However, the company also shared that they would honor the warranties bought off these websites.

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This is one of the ways a brand is devalued online, where the product is being black marketed in extremely high price, almost double of what the official price of the product is.

Unavailability and demand of the product is the main reason that triggered black marketing. Xiaomi puts very limited handsets on sale, which get over within seconds and the willing buyers are left in vain. As the company had made a decision to go offline this time, no subsequent lead is available about the same. Maybe, this new step of theirs can help curb the black marketing of handsets.

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  1. 1

    Asus ZenFone 6 available at 16900 is a far more superior phone and will help you stand out of the crowd – dont waste your time and money on redmi note if you are paying a penny more than 10500 – Verdict
    MI3 was a great phone no idea why they pulled out

  2. 2

    I logged onto Flipkart website early morning and was waiting to select at 2pm,then all of a sudden i found it on my cart added automatically before 2pm …i booked it,the timing is early to open the website and early to buy…

  3. 3

    I was open on flipcart from 12.30 onward. At 1.58 showing out of stock. Only making fool to Indians. If a company not getting fulfilled demand why selling life police thief game? Stop eyspice. Make adequate quantity then come on market. So many mi 8 are throwing on resale website you can also look. This is companies demerit not quality.

  4. 4

    Actually, I registered for the phone and got it in one click but i was logged into the flipkart website at 12:00 PM. However my friend who registered for the phone logged in at 1:00 but didnt get it so the catch is to log into the website as early as possible on the sale day. Try your luck 🙂

    • 5

      what ever it is at an average 200-300 INR margin after all expenses and logistics Flipkart is making good money in this Mi phone business – their numbers say 2.5 lacs + Mi phones delivered means a cool 5-6 crores profit cloked in .. the xperience sucks for majority so need to work on those aspects can be more transparent if they are really serious and long term and not looking at a 2 billion sell to Amazon – i dont think anyone will pay more than that to FK even if they claim 10 billion potential and all – chinese and rusian investers are planning something big in ecom india

  5. 6
  6. 7

    Only reason behind that they want advertisment their web site . They sell phone now on olax

    Every one delete flipkarts app and no one can use that site

  7. 8
  8. 9

    I don’t know about its fake or not to sell 50000 units in 6 second but i am sharing with you i have purchase two phones (Redmi Note) through two different login accounts from flipkart in last sale on 2nd dec.

  9. 10
  10. 11

    It is not that what Xiaomi is claiming, ‘50000 sold within 6 seconds’. When the status changed to ‘buy now’, suddenly, which is within a second too, i clicked and suddenly too it showed that ‘sold out’. Total timing within 3 seconds(High speed Internet). Something is there and not transparent at all. All are gimmicks – and one type of cheating too. Nobody really knows, how much registered, how many units they sold, who are the people who got it! What Xiaomi or Flipcart claims we have to believe on them as there is no transparency at all.

    • 12

      hey reyally i ot it for many times like that i register many times and i bought redmi 1s i bought almost 6 times for my friewnds and not for me i bought redmi note the trick is that u sholud login before half-nour and wait till the time ends and when it comes to but now you should try it in the minimum time. that’s it.if u want it just tell me ur email and ur phone number and address i will book the redmi note for the next sale and send to you by COD to your address.

  11. 13

    if you asked to register 4 days before the actual sell happened and now 50000 units already being sold. how it is possible and what happened to other who were register on flipkart.
    does it mean that you are fooling the people by wasting there time to register.
    How one can purchase?

  12. 14

    This is just a sale which was purchased by few flipkart employess or the people who are on the knowledge as how to purchase it privately. This is a gimic by flipkart really not fare on the part of flipkart to do this kind of cheating to the people who registerd. Xiaomi please read this and try to sell it on your own rather than giving it to third parties like this who say something and do something else….

  13. 15

    How could it be possible that 50000 units sold in 6 seconds. Unbelievable. They first asked to register for this phone 4 days back and announced latter that only those who registered could participate in the sale on 2nd december. After seeing the sold out news contacted the flipkart and they said that the sale was on first come basis, if so why did they ask to register 4 days in advance. There is something wrong in their basic of allotment.

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