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After Uber Delhi Government Puts a Ban on Ola and TaxiforSure

It’s a dark hour for not just Uber but for all technology based cab providers – TaxiForSure and Olacabs to be more specific. In a recent announcement by the transport department, all transport providers operating through web based technology are prohibited to operate in the National Capital unless they get a license from the Government.

Update: The transport officials raided TaxiforSure office in Jayanagar in Bengaluru on 16th December, and asked it to stop operations in the city. As per a BangaloreMirror report, The transport department officials also accused TaxiForSure of misleading drivers and forcing them to do illegal activities.

The prohibition doesn’t cover other cab providers such as Meru, Easy Cab, Mega Cab etc., since they are already registered with the Government for running operations in Delhi. Check out the original notice below


The notice was shared by Vijay Shekhar Sharma, Founder and CEO, PayTM


The document isn’t available on the Transport Department’s website as of now, hence it can be assumed that it was shared to the concerned parties directly. PayTM is the payment wallet for Uber in India and hence would have received the notification.

Looking at this development, it is evident that these technology led cab businesses have been running in the NCR region without a proper license. However it has to be questioned why was the Government not concerned about this until today. Is it finally feeling the pressure from the people? Or is the new party in power trying to show that it actually cares about the people. It is not clear how this move will be taken by the general public, since one it will cause inconvenience for a lot of people dependent on these services and secondly a lot of people employed by these companies would be out of work until the matter is resolved.

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