[Tweets] Twitter Gets Global Voices Together Against Terrorism #PakSchoolSeige #SydneySeige

B4-WwPaCIAAEuEGThe Sydney Siege and the Peshawar Army school attack highlights the question of security worldwide. It’s an intensely sensitive matter of concern for the nations worldwide, when places like Cafes and Schools get targeted for terrorist activities.

Twitter is helping global voices come united against terrorism. Till now, people could express their anguish and self expression through candle marches and protests but now social media is also being seen as an uprising platform for people worldwide to stand united against humanity threats.

What people are saying worldwide:

Twitter users around the world are disgusted at the gruesome incident of killing the innocent kids in the Peshawar school.

Will the two attacks in the name of the religion attract people’s hatred against a specific religion?
A report by Time, talks about how some Australians took help of social media to ensure the local muslims feel safe, besides #PeshawarAttack and #SyndneySeige, hashtag #illridewithyou is also trending in this reference.

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