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YouTube Will Tell What Happens to Your Video with Copyrighted Music

You Tube

On Monday, Google introduced a new feature in the YouTube Audio Library that lets uploaders see what will happen if they upload a video with a copyrighted song.

YouTube has been using its Content ID system to figure out copyrighted music. But, through this service uploaders didn’t know what would happen to their video until after they had uploaded it. Earlier, the users didn’t know the fate of their videos until they uploaded it, whether it’ll be flagged or muted, it wasn’t known

Using the search feature in the Audio Library they can see exactly what will happen with their video. For example, if you want to upload a video featuring a copyrighted track, then you will see the screen above, telling what will happen if you upload a video with this song.

The video uploader can see whether the audio track will affect ban it in certain markets, and whether a track can be monetized, i.e. if a copyright holder will let a video creator use the copyrighted audio in exchange for a commission on the profit from pre-roll ads.

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YouTube said in a Blog Post that this feature is available from Monday and users can search the YouTube Audio Library to find license free songs and sound effects for their video to avoid any copyright issues completely.

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