Tim Berners-Lee Says Internet Should be a ‘Human Right’

Tim Berners Lee

The computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee who invented the World Wide Web says that affordable accessibility to the Internet should be recognised as a ‘Human Right’.

The scientist further said that the Internet can help solve the problem of inequality but only when it comes with rights to privacy and freedom of expression, as according to Tim Berners-Lee’s latest World Wide Web Foundation report on Internet’s global impact.

Government indiscrimination and online censorship have seen a rise. 84% of countries have weak or non-existant laws to protect citizens from indiscriminate mass surveillance, which has grown from 63% in 2013. Whereas, 38% of the countries are censoring politically or socially sensitive content to a ‘moderate or extensive’ degree, which has increased by 6 percent from 2013, as per the above mentioned report.



Image Source : thewebindex

Denmark, Finland, and Norway took the first three ranks, meaning they were best at using the Internet for economic, political and social progress, as according to the above chart and The Web Index report.

“It’s time to recognize the Internet as a basic human right. That means guaranteeing affordable access for all, ensuring Internet packets are delivered without commercial or political discrimination, and protecting the privacy and freedom of Web users regardless of where they live,” said Mr. Berners-Lee, World Wide Web founder, as per a report in The Hindu.

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