Startup Showcase: ShareNSearch, HackishWord and Waldo


Image Source: ShareNSearch

Bangalore-based, ShareNSearch Software Pvt Ltd is a technology startup, that was found in 2012.

It is an informational,categorized and interest based social networking site, that allows users to like, share, bookmark photos and video, Publish articles of user interest, and follow people with similar interest and of similar profession. The company is trying to build and implement ideas that drive progress for its users and enhance lives through enterprise solutions.

This Indian social network is aspiring to compete with Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.



Image Source: HackishWord

HackishWord is a social commerce startup that is trying to create a global network of peers and professionals for friendship and business. Users can find people who are in their line of business, share tips, and conduct commerce over the web on HackishWord. The firm is putting a personalized touch to finding and selling services, be it finding a car mechanic, recruiting an employee, or discussing over coffee.

With the help of HackishWord platform, users can buy and sell Bitcoin, see latest updates on the web, share photos and can exchange information and services, and sell assets and other goods.



Image Source: Waldo

Waldo is a alarm system for urban cyclists that keeps users connected to their bike anytime, anywhere. It is comprised of a device that is mounted on the bike and a mobile app. If someone is tampering with the bike, it triggers a loud alarm to scare off potential thieves and warn people nearby. The system is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

It notifies users on their smartphone. If the bike does get stolen, the user can track it via GPS using the mobile app. The device is electronically locked on the bike in a protective shell, to prevent forced removal. If users ever run into technical problems, they can locate bike shops in their proximity using the mobile app. The service is currently available on

Bucharest, Romania-based, Waldo was started by co-founders Narcis Mihai and Radu Ţuţueanu, provides bicycle securities in cities. It is directly competing with Lock8, BikeSpike, Skylock and Bitlock. The startup is looking to raise funds by crowdsourcing and will launch the device across Europe in mid-2015

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  1. 1

    Hello Everyone ,i am a regular user of sharensearch its because my interest news comes up daily there and my i found people with my similar interest.thanks to sharensearch for Educating by its wonderful Newbox function.

  2. 2

    Hi All, I too started using ShareNSearch, found it interesting. I just re-located to delhi on my work and with the help of ShareNSearch found some engineers near my location so it was helpful to hangout with them.Truelly love there way of approach to Social media.

  3. 3

    I too started using ShareNSearch. Its amazing social media with lot of useful things. And remembers us what we are and sends out a message that dont waste time on social media with no use and always Be Yourself.

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