Sony Picture’s ‘The Interview’ Earns USD 15M in Online Sales


Sony Pictures reveals that its controversial movie ‘The Interview’ has earned USD 15 million across online platforms within its first four days of online availability.

The film was released at 1 PM ET on Christmas Eve Day and it is said that the majority of the online sales came through Google Play, YouTube movies, Microsoft’s Xbox Movies and, and has already been streamed more than 2 million times, as according to a Techcrunch report.

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It was speculated in the media that the attack on Sony pictures by hackers was motivated by the film ‘The Interview’, as it depicts assassination of a North Korean leader Kim-Jong-un. As per a recent Reuters report, US investigators believe that North Korea likely hired hackers from outside the country to help with the cyber attack.

There theatrical release of the movie was called off because of further terrorism threats, and the company still went ahead and made it available online. This online release has not see any retaliation from the opposed hacker group as of now. And thanks to the hackers, the movie got immense online publicity and is doing well.

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