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Snapdeal Delivery Pranks Strike Back! Sends Stones Instead of iPhones

292142-snapdeal-marbles-2Some sellers are really up to mischief when it comes to selling online. After one Snapdeal seller had delivered soap and brick to a customer recently, another one has delivered two pieces of marble stones instead of iPhones which were ordered.

In a report by TOI, a Pune based man Darshan Kabra received two pieces of stone instead of the Apple iPhone 4S he had ordered via Cash-on-Delivery. Yes luckily for him, he didn’t pay INR 40,508 in advance. Such instances become good supporters of CoD in India.

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On receiving the order, Kabra ensured he opened the box in front of the delivery boy and upon discovering what was packed, he immediately contacted the company. Snapdeal did give a swift response though saying it is looking into the matter.

The customer told TOI, “Normally, the delivery guys don’t let anyone open the box without payment. However, I insisted on opening before handing over the cash. Since it was cash on delivery, I got saved.”


Receipt from Snapdeal, Image Source: DNA

Where the companies are putting all in to gain the consumers, bloopers like these are ruining the reputation they create. After such instances people would get skeptical about buying online, and Cash on Delivery would continue to be prevalent.

On a similar note, Flipkart too faced a similar stint when a customer got empty boxes delivered to him thrice. Heard about once bitten twice shy? After receiving empty cartons instead of pendrives for the first two times, he made a video at the time of the delivery of his order the third time, and guess what did he find? It’s easy, nothing! Here is a video shared by that customer on Facebook with his experience that went viral on the net.

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    On 31 oct 2015 I ordered Titan raga watch worth Rs 11000 as a gift for wife.I placed this order online from Angola.Today on 6th nov my family recieved courier with empty watch box inside…..

    Bullshit service from snapdeal…..they registered my complaint lets see what happen next

  3. 3

    I ordered an lg g3 from snapdeal through cod. On getting the delivery, I insisted it being opened before the courier boy. On opening the snapdeal box, I saw the LG mobile box had its seal open. Now can anyone tell me how can anyone say that contents of the box were untampered, or even the phone was real? Will they even take the phone back as i dont think an open seal mobile phone(which i received) can be returned to snapdeal. This is atrocious.

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    I ordered a Karbonn Titanium nearly two weeks back and so far am still without a phone. When I called the courier service, they said the delivery would take time as the mobile had gone back to Gorakhpur. I don’t know where Gorakpur comes into the picture. But anyway the promised that the phone would reach me by 26,December. Of course the phone was not delivered. Called in Snap deal customer cRe, and they promised the phone would arrive the next day. Am still waiting.
    What kind of nonsense is this. is this the way to run a business? Do they use bullock carts to transport the phones. In this day and age, this kind of unprofessional behaviour is shocking. They will not return the money, unless I order something equivalent from Snapdeal. They think they can take all of us for a ride. This is so typical of fly-but-night operators who work well in the beginning and then go to seed. I advise everyone not to ever deal with snapdeal. Most unprofessional people I have dealt with. Should have gone to a store and picked up the phone, instead of relying on snapdeal. I am still waiting for delivery. Never again will I deal with this company and friends be warned they are truly inefficient. Disgusted customer.

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    I booked Karboon phone on SnapDeal during GOSF deal.

    Order No-3929288877
    Suborder No.-5275029472

    After a day I got an SMS saying that order was cancelled. I called up there customer care and the executive told me that the order was cancelled because the phone cannot shipped to the address.
    I told him that this is a foolish reason and there are other products delivered at my address, I insisted that I want to speak to the manager , I was kept on hold after sometime I was told that Manager was busy and we will call you back after sometime, but i insisted that I wont keep the phone down till i speak to the manager.

    Manager came on the line and the story changes, Sir we apologies that the price was wrongly updated, I told her that its not my mistake and I need the phone as I have cancelled other order because of this.

    I have experienced in a store in US they had wrongly put down the price and when i was paying at the counter there was a different price ,I told them that this is what is listed on the deck, They sold me the same at the deck price.

    I am surprised that a company which is raising millions of dollars through investment is fooling people.

    I think they have fooled GOSF and might be other people through.

    GOSF should take the responsibility and ban the site.

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    Compared to whaaky and 100 best buy, Snapdeal is OK. Four times I got correct products from snapdeal. But whaaky and 100 best buy companies are fraudulent. Never respond our call or mail. I complaint through consumer forum. No Use. Anyway, I am very afraid to buy product through online. Never purchase Dress and mobile through online.

  11. 11

    Dear All..I am a seller and selling product online since 2008.
    I understand nowadays frauds are happening with online but there is also one positive side of this online business. Once I went to screen guard for my cell phone and local retailer costs me 200 rs for pasting it and then i ordered it online and i got it for only 45 rs. Strange na. The retailers are looting us and the reason online market is promoted. Like every innovations there has two sides so does online is. Always buy from genuine seller with good feedback background. Don’t get excited with their false offer and get proper inquiry of your product which you are going to buy and if seller is responding your answer well so he/she is not going to cheat you. Thanks..

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    For indian government policies , we should still prefer store for purchasing products.
    If the rules change and is made as per US consumer protection, then people should buy from these online retailers

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    an offer in 9 to 9 sales.. karbonn titanium octane plus rs 5740/- so i ordered.. after confirming order call… they refuse to deliver this product…..and marked cancelled in my order list…………what is this yaar…..they are doing. business or what.. i think day by day..snapdeal is loosing their reliability.. snapdeal is turn into worstdeal…so anybody tell me what to do….

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    I agree with Mr. Sukumar. Such adultery happens in transit as no seller will risk their business and online reputation (Sellers are filtered and checked through out companies before approval). Personally i had a very good experience with snapdeal. I’v replaced corsair v PSU worth Rs. 6000/- twice (few months back) and they had arranged reverse pickup free of cost twice. What i meant to say is companies are not responsible for such incidences as it happen in transit and company knows it very well thats how COD option came alive. If you are a manager/CEO of one of these companies what will be yours steps to prevent such adultery and protect your buyers? Some company came up with transit insurance too. Instead switch your attention to postal company and sue them for not delivering quality services.
    As a buyer i always follow these simple steps: Check the sellers repute and what other buyers feedback them (Do leave feedback after buying articles from the buyer). choose COD if available, contact the seller or email them and tell them which postal company is good in your region (if seller have option), while receiving the package open in front of the delivery guy or in odd cases take snap shots. Don’t delay to contact them when you face such ordeal.

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    why we are buying on line?is it shipper then our local market? OK,if we get bricks or sand,shop instead of iphone(costly one) then what is the use of buying on line?now this days almost all the products is available on all local markets.we should not highlight the benefit of buying from local markets it is known to all..

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    Better to stop buying on line. I had a worst experience with I ordered a nikon camera costing Rs.17499/- and payment made through credit card. when I received the camera,found box was unshield and to my surprise camera was completely dead. Immediately contacted ebay customer care and they gave the claim id no.and informed me that they will call after 48hrs. When I didnt receive any call, contacted customer care and the reply what I received, surprised me. They said camera is under manufacturer warranty so it cant be replaced or refunded though it is secured under pisa pay as per ebay’s company policies.Finaly I sent camera to Nikon service centre for repair and in turn it has been sent to Nikon India head office. When enquired the status, they said mother board is completely burnt and is not in stock. Now, I am waiting for the spares. In buying on line, there are savings to customers but the same time, high risk is involved.

    • 19

      I had a simiar experience on EBAY.IN. I ordered a Sony 42″ LED TV. It was delivered by a Brick & Mortars Electronics store in Chennai having branches in couple of cities. The Sony Authorized technician came to unpack the Sony TV box and fix the TV to the wall. After he switched TV ON, the display was bad… couldn’t watch anything. He asked that I place a call to Sony India Customer Service who would resolve the problem….and saying this he tore and took the Warranty Card copy and Demo coupon from the package and left. There started my trouble. The Ebay Seller had clout on EBAY.IN and had by Negative Feedback deleted. Other than Seller and I contacting Sony India for help….nothing else was possible. EBAY.IN claims Buyer Guarantee… its all rubbish. they tell you that if product has Manufacturer warranty, then go and contact their Service Center. Ebay.IN rejected my Claim asking me for a DOA letter from Sony India which the local service centers would not give. After many many many calls daily over a month to Seller, Sony India Customer Service in Noida and EBay.IN and being totally frustrated…, the issue was finally resolved and Sony India replaced the TV with a new TV. So buying Online in India is still not a fool proof situation.

  19. 20

    Why can’t people of this country ban this site themselves from buying and there by teaching them a lesson or two? I have infact stopped buying from them when the first incident of this type was reported. SnapDeal always wants excuses but they never learn.

  20. 21

    I had bad experience purchasing through
    and, both times I got old, torn, cheap, dirty (there
    was dirt all over the products, guess it was lying in some old warehouse for
    years) products. Both times I returned the products
    and after innumerable phone calls and threats I got my money back.

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    Having ordered VOX V102 dual sim calling tablet in Dec 2013, I was really shocked and shaken when I opened the packaging – DID NOT receive the ordered tablet- and instead received the peripherals like charger, earphone neatly packed.
    Offcourse upon complaint they refunded the money back!

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    I ordered “Radel Digital Tanpura- Ranjini+ 5” from SnapDeal on 02/Dec/2014. This Item should have two speakers. But when I check with the delivered product, there is only one speaker. Other speaker is missing. See the picture. Total waste of time.

  27. 28

    same in i ordered set of CCTV items they send me plumbing pipes its been 2.5 months i didnt get resolution still

  28. 29

    Even I orderer iron from snapdeal, but they never delivered it even after waiting for 12days, n finally I bought it from store

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      How are you sure that the seller packed the stones. What about the transit ? Its most likely the phone was replaced with marble in transit. The invoice states whats the product in the box and this replacement happens in transit. No seller will do such a thing and risk being black listed.

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      Hi I am a seller on ebay. I had the same incident when i sell my Samsung S2 phone and buyer send me photos that it has just card board papers only. I made him realize that i am not lying but still ebay refunded him and i lost my money and my phone and then i came to know the thing has happened while intransit where such location like bihar and assam (not pointing to a particular state but i had experience with this state) happened. When courier or delivery boy came to know about there is phone or valuable thing inside they open it and put garbage in it and repack it.

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