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Snapdeal Delivery Pranks Strike Back! Sends Stones Instead of iPhones

292142-snapdeal-marbles-2Some sellers are really up to mischief when it comes to selling online. After one Snapdeal seller had delivered soap and brick to a customer recently, another one has delivered two pieces of marble stones instead of iPhones which were ordered.

In a report by TOI, a Pune based man Darshan Kabra received two pieces of stone instead of the Apple iPhone 4S he had ordered via Cash-on-Delivery. Yes luckily for him, he didn’t pay INR 40,508 in advance. Such instances become good supporters of CoD in India.

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On receiving the order, Kabra ensured he opened the box in front of the delivery boy and upon discovering what was packed, he immediately contacted the company. Snapdeal did give a swift response though saying it is looking into the matter.

The customer told TOI, “Normally, the delivery guys don’t let anyone open the box without payment. However, I insisted on opening before handing over the cash. Since it was cash on delivery, I got saved.”


Receipt from Snapdeal, Image Source: DNA

Where the companies are putting all in to gain the consumers, bloopers like these are ruining the reputation they create. After such instances people would get skeptical about buying online, and Cash on Delivery would continue to be prevalent.

On a similar note, Flipkart too faced a similar stint when a customer got empty boxes delivered to him thrice. Heard about once bitten twice shy? After receiving empty cartons instead of pendrives for the first two times, he made a video at the time of the delivery of his order the third time, and guess what did he find? It’s easy, nothing! Here is a video shared by that customer on Facebook with his experience that went viral on the net.

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