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McDonald’s to Explore New Business Model Using Touchscreen DIY Menus



While Burger King, Taco Bell and other fast food chains are making their way into the Asian markets, McDonald’s is experimenting with technology in US to rise against its rivals. It is trying a Subway like model, where people can build their own burgers by tapping on a touchscreen.

The company said Monday that it plans to expand the option to 2,000 of its 14,000 US locations by 2015, as according to The Guardian, further adding that, McDonald’s has been struggling with declining sales in the US and Asia-Pacific region. Overall, global sales declined 2.2% for the month.

McDonald’s ‘Create Your Taste’ program, will allow the customers to customize their meals using a touchscreen interface which includes everything from choosing the patty to veggies and sauces. However, it can not be said whether if the plan will be successful since the customized burgers will be expensive and will take time to be prepared. It will use its staff to serve the ready meal on the tables.

Bob Nibeel, a McDonald’s franchise owner told USA Today , “Most millennials would rather deal with a computer, iPad, iPhone than actually have interaction with another human being.” The statement surely implies the growing pace of technology in all dimensions.

The video below will show you how exactly ‘Create Your Taste’ program will look like:

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