Google to Sign an MoU with Telangana Government to Open a Campus in Hyderabad


To open its own ‘permanent and big’ campus in Hyderabad, Internet company Google is set to sign an MoU with Telangana government. Google currently operates from rented premises and now wants to move to a ‘permanent campus’ which will be the third campus the company will have after ones in US and UK.

Telangana IT, Electronics and Communications Secretary Harpreet Singh told BGR that, “We are planning to formally inaugurate this building on June 2nd (on the first anniversary of Telangana State’s formation).”

The more details related to the proposed venture is still undisclosed but Singh said that a press conference is scheduled to be held shortly on this. The Government is also in talks with companies like Cisco, Airtel and Vodafone among others to make Hyderabad a Wi-Fi enabled city and provide information such as detailed maps of the city, including roads, and some clarifications related to certain specific points.

The city is likely to be Wi-Fi enabled by the end of next year and the contract for this venture is expected to be awarded in the next three-four months. “It will take time (to make the city wi-fi enabled) because business model is the critical issue. Making wi-fi is not a big problem … but how to monetise it … is the key issue,” he stated.

The Google campus building will have 800 seats, housing an expected 500 start-ups in different stages of growth. This is a big move for India, and will give a boost to the morale of India based techies

Image Source: CareerIndia

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