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Google Ara’s Rival Modular Smartphone ‘Puzzlephone’ Set to Launch by Mid 2015


Google isn’t the only company with plans to launch a modular smartphone, a Finland-based company Circular Devices is also planning to launch such a device by summer 2015. It is developing a modular smartphone called Puzzlephone that is expected to be launched at a mid-range price next year.

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Puzzlephone platform has been under development since last year, and its handset is such that hardware elements cab be swapped out and updated. The smartphone supports Android OS and will come with three upgradable and replaceable parts – “the Brain” (core electronics and camera), “the Heart” (battery and secondary tech) and “the Spine” (LCD, speakers and basic shape).

Its designers also state that when one part of the phone needs repair or upgrade there is no need to replace the entire device. This could extend the smartphone’s life to approximately a decade, instead of just 2-3 years.

Google too has announced the dates and locations of the second Project Ara Module Developers Conference where it will demo the latest Ara prototype.

Ara will released in early 2015 at a price of USD 50. In October end, Phonebloks released a video that showed first prototype from Google Project Ara. You can check it out here.

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