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Like, Unlike, Share and Dislike? Facebook is Thinking About Adding a Dislike Button


On Thursday, Facebook Co-founder Mark Zuckerberg said during an open Q&A at the company headquarters in Menlo Park that the company is thinking about adding a ‘dislike’ button on its site.

While such a move would bring in unwanted public shaming for sharing something your network doesn’t approve of, the company says that’s not what its purpose would be. People can use it to express some sad event in their lives.

“We are thinking about it,” he said. “It’s an interesting question.” The dislike button will help users when they want to express themselves but didn’t feel comfortable with the like button.

Although the company is definitely having conversations about ‘dislike’ button, the users should not expect anything right away on their news feed. “We don’t have anything that’s coming soon,” Mark said.

He also discussed about Facebook’s recent controversial real name policy that requires social network’s users to identify themselves by their legal names. “it’s part of building safe community,” he said. “On Facebook most people identify themselves by their real name and that’s a very important part of our culture.”

If the dislike button does happen then it would certainly be controversial, and moreover the instances of cyber bullying teenagers face might increase. Hence it’s right for Facebook to ponder on this for a good time

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