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Dell is Developing a Technology that can Sense User Emotions


Jai Menon, Dell’s Chief Research Officer, has shared that the company is working on an emotion sensing project, which will detect the users mood.

According to The Economic Times report,  Menon quoted, “We are working to learn more about the intent of a particular user as he uses his laptop or mobile phone. For example, if the software can tell a user who is playing a game is getting bored, it could ratchet up the challenge level of the game or give this feedback to the gaming company.”

The development team is looking forward at a camera based technology to help detect the user’s mood, and  using a speech analytics software to detect the stress level. “We have a prototype that tells you what your mood is as you speak” Menon said.

The company is exploring a research partnership in the project with institutes like IIT Madras, IISc Bangalore etc., as many such projects will be led out of India with university tie-ups and investments through local companies.

He further added that the technology can be very helpful in sectors like healthcare and security. “There are certain signs that people emit before they have a stroke. This research can possibly be used to detect such signs and detect a stroke before things get out of hand,” he said.

Another technology called continuous authentication will monitor the usage pattern on your mobile phone, which will immediately detect if the phone is being used by an unauthorised person, even if the person knows your password. On this he quotes, “Our algorithm continuously monitors the usage and can say that the probability of it being with its original owner has dropped below 90% and then can be disabled.”

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Recently a cyber security startup that operates on similar functions called Biocatch had raised funding to continue development. The firm tracks over 400 signs including how users move their mouses and use their track pads; if they’re using a mobile device, it taps into the gyroscope and accelerometer to see how they’re holding it etc., to authenticate the user. Such technologies could have endless use cases once they have been tapped into properly.

Image Source : The Hindu Business Line

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