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Daum Kakao Introduces End-to-End Encryption Feature ‘Secret Chat’ for KakaoTalk


In order to add more privacy and protection to the mobile messaging platform KakaoTalk, the newly merged Korean company Daum Kakao has launched a new ‘Secret Chat’ mode, an end-to-end encryption feature for Android Users. The company has also created a “Leave and Decline Invites” option, users are able to permanently leave the chatroom and not be re-invited back.

As per a TechCrunch report, there are two ways to begin chatting in Secret Chat mode : via a drop down menu inside existing chats or a dedicated button that launches a new Secret Chat. Initially, it is available for one-to-one conversations only and options for group chats will be available in the first three months of the next year.

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Starting Secret Chat from Chatroom on KakaoTalk

The encryption keys are stored locally on users’ devices which makes the Secret Chat data inaccessible, even to Daum Kakao:

Secret Chat ensures heightened confidentiality of user conversations by providing end-to-end encryption, where the decryption key for chat messages is stored in the user’s device making the messages only readable by the users involved in the conversation. Since the decryption key is stored only in the device, other parties cannot access conversations through any outside point—even through servers.

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Recently, WhatsApp had also added end-to-end encryption on all WhatsApp text messages in partnership with WhisperSystems. Apart from this, Line had introduced a security upgrade which informs users when someone tries to access their account via its desktop app or Web-based store.

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