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Black Friday 2014: E-Commerce Websites Performed Better in 2013

Black Friday and Cyber Monday, take the market by a storm every year since the culture started. What started offline, also moved online with the growing e-commerce. In India, their counterpart GOSF is coming up, and the online stores are planning to make it better than past two years to avoid the mistakes being committed earlier. However, this year, on Black Friday sale top 50 international e-commerce websites were slower overall as compared to last year.

Web performance monitoring company Catchpoint Systems looked at aggregate performance of top 50 e-commerce sites on Black Friday sale and compared it to the same time frame in 2013. The company systems conducts its performance tests on a customized list of 50 web and mobile sites identified as leading e-commerce retailers. And, the firm made the following findings:


  1.  Desktop webpages were 19.85 percent slower, while mobile webpages were a whopping 57.21 percent slower.
  2.  Median webpage response times for desktop websites for the entire group (aggregate) was 3.991 seconds, compared to 3.330 seconds in 2013.
  3. Median webpage response times for mobile websites for the entire group (aggregate) was 2.954 seconds, compared to 1.879 seconds in 2013.

The company also hinted that the main reason for the slow down was that most webpages in the e-commerce group monitored by the firm were bigger and there was more data on the page to download.

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According to the company, the five fastest desktop sites were H&M, Costco, Apple, Barnes & Noble, and Etsy while, none of these five were present on the top five list for fastest mobile sites: Sears, WW Grainger, Office Depot, Ikea, and Saks Direct.

As per Venture Beat report, Best Buy went down more than once on Thursday and Friday; Neiman Marcus was down for 2.5 hours on Saturday night; Gamestop had poor availability all weekend, and J. Crew had slower-than-normal load times as well.

Some consumers were frustrated for more reasons than slow loading sites and expressed their negative responses on Twitter:




Will the Indian e-commerce players fare better in the upcoming online sale festival? Or will it be the same story all over again? Share your views in the comments below.

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