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Amazon Reportedly Testing Bike Messengers for One-Hour Delivery in New York

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Amazon gets aggressive with its faster delivery strategy, it is now testing plans to offers deliveries with in one hour by using bike messengers. The initiative is currently operational in New York City only.

The new service is being referred to as Amazon Prime Now, it will bring merchandise to customers in Manhattan within one hour or two, reports Business Insider. Amazon has been experimenting with three different courier services by holding time trials between their messengers to puck the fastest and most careful for its deliveries, a person familiar with the test said.

The company is holding a competition-like selection process for different agencies. During the trials, the messengers are given an address and told to bike there within allotted time frame. Once they arrive, they are required to take a photo of the building’s address and make it back to Amazon building. At the base, company has built a lounge there with facilities including foosball, pool and airhockey tables, for messengers waiting between deliveries. Messengers are paid around USD 15 an hour for 8-hour shifts.

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This is not the first time Amazon is experimenting with unconventional e-commerce logistics, it is trying out drones and even taxi cabs. With its recent initiative Amazon Fresh for food take out and delivery, it is certainly having a quick delivery system in place. And going on the same lines, it seems that it is planning to implement the same for its online retail business.

Image Source: CNet

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