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Amazon Launches AmazonFresh for Food Take-Out and Delivery Service

Amazon’s restaurant takeout and delivery services to rival companies like Seamless, Grubhub and DeliveryHero, has finally become functional. The service will be an additional feature on the Amazon Local app and website, as according to a report published by Techcrunch.

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The Takeout & Delivery feature was turned on over last weekend, and is currently functional in Seattle, covering around 20 restaurants for delivery and around 110 for take out orders that you need to pick up yourself, as per the same above mentioned source.

Amazon already has a hold on e-commerce sector and along with it, it seems like it wants to have a strong hold on offline market as well.

Amazon Fresh, the new service launched by the company has door delivery of groceries to a wide range of products from neighborhood shops and restaurants.


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In recent past, Amazon had launched a new service Amazon Local Register to expand its presence in the physical world. It will help small and mid-sized businesses to quickly and easily accept card payments with the help of card reader device by plugging it into headphone jack of smartphones or tablets.

Besides creating its own devices for consumers and businesses, Amazon appears to be trying to tap into every possible stream in e-commerce. Although most of its new products are still restricted in the US, the tech company seems to be testing the waters there before taking its services globally.

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